Complex Work

Cross-Functional Confusion

Conflicting Goals
Succeed Anyway
"We looked at several dozen different options all across the country...
there was nothing we found that was like Dress Rehearsal."
Steve Feyer, Apttus

What is Dress Rehearsal?

An actual solution to organizational complexity...
Dress Rehearsal is a unique, immersive simulation that engages managers and professionals in a cooperative and exciting cross-functional experience. Participants are challenged to solve problems and create group output through collaboration, communication, and highly efficient information transfer. The results are literally culture-changing, breathing new life into work environments and participants alike and creating solutions to common problems like conflicting goals, information overload, and organizational inflexibility. In Dress Rehearsal, business leaders, HR professionals, and instructors practice behaviors critical for success in today's complex, interdependent work environment.


What Do Participants Learn?

Connection Team members find the value of communication and practice real-life, high-stakes collaboration in order to reach goals.
Conflict ResolutionConflicting priorities must be resolved by contextualizing efforts in terms of higher level goals. Interpersonal conflicts are handled with specialized, simplified models for giving advice or encouragement.
Organizational FlexibilityBalancing up-front planning with just-in-time adaptability is the only way to achieve optimal results.  Work must be planned in terms of overarching goals and principles rather than by presupposing answers to tradeoff decisions not yet defined.
Finding Solutions Productivity comes from understanding how all the pieces fit together, communicating efficiently, and executing well made plans with room for judgment.

Evidence of Success


Hear what a few of them say...

Why Dress Rehearsal?


Steer the Ship
Clarify the big picture
Make changes confidently
Create a new standard for business operations
Improve focus on bottom line


Develop Capability
Execute plans effectively
Restore confidence in staff
Make decisions that make a difference
Hit your targets without surprise

Individual Contributors

Increase Value
Articulate the importance of your role
Understand the value in business decisions
Work with management, not in spite of them
Engage with peers

Human Resources

Optimize Personnel
Lead for communication and culture
Reduce stress and increase engagement
Create value for your internal clients
Take the company to the next level

What Really happens in Dress Rehearsal?

Dress Rehearsal is a practice field for the workplace. In it, managers and knowledge workers experience, rehearse, and improve upon the exact behaviors they must master to succeed in their complex, cross-functional careers. In the course of the program, every participant will learn to…








What Leadership is saying

"We used the Dress Rehearsal to highlight the silos in our product development chain. Years later, I still have people remarking about the insights they received from the session."
Ron Sacchi

"As a result of the Dress Rehearsal, my team has implemented processes that have reduced confusion and improved our organization's focus on our highest-value work."
Dave Gonzalez

"Illustrates how a vast diversity can get together, perform as a unit, be able to think as one, and get a complex job done in a timely manner."

"Even the smartest, highest performers are challenged to improve their success. So many of the participants I've observed get so engaged in the event that they want to experience it again."
Ed Cleary

"We looked at several dozen different options all across the country... there was nothing we found that was like Dress Rehearsal. There were so many opportunities to listen to an expert, so many opportunities for us to role play. This made us the experts, this made us the role players."
Steve  Feyer